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A Fine FACTA 2025 Call for Papers

Updated: Jun 1

2025 Call for Papers (DUE DATE: October 31, 2024)


Journal of the Fine Arts Council

The Alberta Teachers Association

Theme: Building and Growing Community

Community is such an integral aspect of the Fine Arts. For our 2025 issues of A Fine Facta, we will be exploring what does it mean or look like to belong in community within the Fine Arts? How do we build and grow our communities and how do we ensure that there is a meaningful space for everyone? In what ways do we advocate for or promote the Fine Arts community?

We will be offering two publishing opportunities to submit articles, papers, etc.

  • Our first journal will be focused on practical application (what are you doing). For this issue, we are looking specifically for lesson plans, book reviews, and overviews of what you are doing in your classroom.

  • Our second issue will be focused on how we are thinking about regarding building, growing, and/or advocating for the arts community. We invite scholarly articles, opinion pieces, and big picture ideas for this issue. There is an opportunity to have your manuscripts peer-reviewed for this issue.

Due Date: October 31, 2024

About A Fine FACTA:

A Fine FACTA is published for the Fine Arts Council by The Alberta Teachers’ Association (ATA) to help the council achieve its objective of improved education in and through the fine arts. Articles of general interest or on theoretical, experimental, or methodological topics are invited.

For Journal information, including submission requests, please contact the Journal Editor, Kim Friesen Wiens. Email:

Submission Information:

A Fine FACTA welcomes authors to submit manuscripts for consideration in our 2025 publications. Both peer-reviewed and non-peer-reviewed articles will be considered. To be considered for peer-review, please indicate as such in the email.

Submissions must include the following:

  1. Be written in a clear and concise style, avoiding technical jargon as possible.

  2. Lesson plans, book/conference reviews, and brief columns will be considered (approx. 1000 words)

  3. Submissions are not to exceed 4000 words, although exceptions may be granted.

  4. Photos and pictures are welcome, but must be submitted in a high-quality format. If the photos/pictures are not accompanying an article, a brief description of the photo/picture is required (50-150 words)

  5. Submissions must be submitted via email and in MS Word using Chicago format.

  6. Submissions may be edited.

  7. All submissions must be accompanied by a brief (50 words) author biography.

  8. Authors wishing to have their manuscripts peer-reviewed must indicate that in the email sent to the editor and must be received by October 31, 2024. Manuscripts will be reviewed by a panel of recognized leaders in the fine arts.

  9. All submissions must be sent via email to the editor, Kim Friesen Wiens at for consideration in the 2025 publications. All submissions will receive an email confirming that the submission has been received. If you do not receive an email receipt after 1 week, please follow up with the editor.

Addition Formatting Information for Submissions:

  1. Use single space for the body of the paper (do not double space).

  2. Use single space after each sentence.

  3. Use Chicago format throughout the text and in the reference list.

  4. Use NO running heads.

  5. Use endnotes as opposed to footnotes

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