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Splattered Paint



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October 2023

October 20202 Updates

Art Update from Darrin Wilson

Resilience Project, Inktober

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One of the better resources I have found for integrating more holistic learning opportunities in our classrooms is the Resilience Project. While I am the type that likes to have a physical copy of the resources I use in class – and at $50, it is a bargain to buy – the website provides the cards for free and a teaching guide as a convenient PDF. Each of the 50 art cards pertain to 50 different female Indigenous artists with guiding questions that help you and your students dissect and explore the artists’ respective works. They also supply clear learning outcomes that connect to each task, making this a truly comprehensive set that can be easily integrated into your regular teaching time. From this series, I wanted to highlight one task that I developed that expands on what has already been created for this set. And while I do explore the themes and ideas the artist has outlined in her work, I never appropriate or encourage students to appropriate the work being showcased. Below, you will find the links to the artist’s work and her artist’s statement, as well as supplemental resources that you may find useful while exploring her work. Finally, I have a brief description of what I did in my classroom in case any of you would like to expand on what has already been provided in the Resilience Project set.

Dance Update from Victoria Reid

Choreography Starters

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Hello Dance Educators! Welcome back! I hope your startup has been wonderful! Now that we are in the swing of things, I thought I would share an awesome and easy way I incorporate choreography practice into my dance classes, by using Choreography Starters. Choreography Starters Background This is an exercise that I just recently started integrating into my dance classes. It is something I developed after many years of watching students struggle with the overwhelming panic when they had to begin a piece of choreography. No matter how much we explored improvisation and planned out our choreography there were still so many moments of students freezing and stressing, not knowing how and where to begin and feeling so overwhelmed before finally diving into their choreography. My goal was to adapt my practice for students to engage in more “off the cuff,” low stakes choreography exploration, so they could build more confidence and practice, so that when they did begin choreography for a summative project or performance, they had the vigor and assurance to start.

Generalist Update from Izabella Orzelski

Kickstarting Your Year

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Igniting Creativity: A Guide for Art Teachers to Kickstart a Remarkable School Year Stepping into the shoes of an art teacher as the school year begins can be an exhilarating yet challenging experience. Every year ushers in a fresh canvas of opportunities and obstacles, shaping the artistic minds of our students. While each classroom may have its unique dynamics, there are foundational strategies that can set the stage for a successful and enriching academic journey. Picture this: a room filled with eager young minds, blank canvases waiting to be transformed, and a teacher poised to inspire. The first step towards creating an extraordinary art classroom is not just introducing yourself but creating a captivating introduction that goes beyond a mere name and title. I personally opt for a visually engaging PowerPoint presentation that showcases images relevant to the subject matter I'll be teaching. Whether you're a visual artist or not, sharing your own artistic creations can be a powerful way to connect with your students on a personal level.

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