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Ensemble Building in the Drama Classroom by Drama Rep, Molly Danko (March.2024)

by Drama Rep, Molly Danko (March.2024)

A few weeks ago, I got to venture down to Calgary to present at the Calgary City Teachers’ Convention! I had the absolute joy of playing with a group of 25 Drama teachers from around the city. It warmed my heart and inspired me to see what incredible teachers their students get to learn from, and to hear everyone sharing ideas and activities that work in their classes. My session was ‘Ensemble Building in the Drama Classroom’- a crucial part of any Drama class. So, whether you have just begun a new term, or you are in need of some ensemble exercises, here are some of my favorites from the session.

Chair Zombie

  • All players sit on a chair, scattered throughout the room. There is one empty chair.

  • Player A gets appointed as the zombie and stands at the opposite end of the room from the empty chair. Player A's goal is to sit on a chair. However, Player A may only walk slowly.

  • The group wants to prevent Player A from sitting on the empty chair. Contrary to Player A, they are allowed to run.

  • Whenever Player A walks towards the empty chair, they quickly switch chairs, leaving a new empty chairs somewhere else in the room.

Space Junk

Counting in the Dark

Group Juggle

Stop Go Jump Clap

Lily Pads

Silent Lines

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