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March 2024 Music Updates

March 2024 Write-Up by Amanda Clark for Fine Arts Council Email Newsletter

Hi Friends!

This month was full of exciting presentations! I was so glad to meet so many of you at NCTCA, ESTCA and GETCA.  Thanks for attending my presentations. I hope they were helpful for you. If you have any feedback or questions feel free to email me at 

There were many people who asked for music resources in French here are a few that I have used:

“Par Choeur” has a couple of different levels. I have the level 1 book and I’m looking forward to getting level 2. This book comes with a CD with recordings of the songs and the instrumental versions.  I really like the song “Bonjour” in this book. A great alternative to a welcome song for your French music classes.  

I have this series, but a different book called “Les Saisons”. It appears the book I have is no longer available, but they offer one called “dans ma famille” and another called “à l'école”. These books also come with a CD that has a vocal track and an instrumental track. The book describes actions and activities that you can do with each song as well. In the center of my book there are tear out sheets with prompts for listening questions to go with each song.  One song that I particularly like from my book is called “La ronde du soleil” which can be sung as a round. I’m very interested in getting the other 2 books in this series to see if I like them just as much.

This is a series of CDs. My understanding is that every year they release a new set of CDs and new songs. So, this image is the one that I have from 2014-2015. You can currently order the # 39, 40 or 41 at this link.  I haven’t ordered these recent ones, but it also looks like it is now a digital download instead of physical disks. I really like this resource because on the disk (or download) it comes with files so you can print the scores for all the music. In the booklet it also contains ideas for presenting the music and extensions. BONUS: It includes German versions of most of the songs as well!


Some Holidays Coming Up:

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