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Share Your Lesson Magic

(Back by Popular Demand!)

Do you have a great project that you’ve done in your classroom? An amazing bulletin board? Something that you’ve done that’s resonated with your students and/or their families? A tip or trick you wish someone had shared with you long ago?

This is your invitation to share this with the Fine Arts Council Membership!

Send us a description and photo to have the opportunity to be featured in our September newsletter and on our website. Entries will receive a gift of appreciation from the Fine Arts Council - a gift card to Indigo or another retailer of your choice.

Submission Requirements:

  • Submission must be your own work or the original author must be credited

  • An image must accompany the submission. If the image is of student work, the PIPA form must be completed.

  • Write-Up must be included

  • Submission must be Fine Arts related

  • Author agrees to have the lesson featured in mailout and on the website

Submissions will be accepted via this form until June 25, 2024.  

Please note for photos of students or of student work, a short privacy release form must be completed. Click here for a copy of the form.

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