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Summer Sketching for School Art Adventures 

Updated: Jun 1

Springtime in Alberta gently gives way to the warmth of summer, mirroring the excitement our students feel as they eagerly anticipate their summer break. As educators, we gracefully guide them through this transition, recognizing the power of art to engage and inspire. 


Imagine the joy of taking art class outdoors on a sunny day, where students can gaze at the ever-changing sky. This isn't just about appreciating nature; it's about integrating observation into our curriculum in a meaningful way. 

Picture students lounging on the school grounds, looking at clouds and talking about their shapes. Through guided exploration, they learn to translate their intricacies into sketches, capturing the sky's beauty. Encouraged to see clouds as dynamic entities, students explore concepts of design and perspective. They return to the classroom inspired, ready to express themselves through various artistic mediums. 


In subsequent classes, guided by their outdoor experience, students embark on exciting and fun artistic projects, drawing inspiration from Alberta's skies. Whether painting landscapes or exploring still life, their creativity knows no bounds! 

And speaking of still life, imagine the excitement as students gather around watermelons for a summer-themed art project. With sketchbooks in hand and the sweet aroma of watermelon in the air, they create vibrant masterpieces. 


As the final strokes are applied, students celebrate their achievements with a juicy feast, fostering a sense of community and shared learning. This is just the beginning of their artistic journey, filled with exploration and discovery. 


In conclusion, let's embrace the beauty of nature and the joy of creativity, guiding our students to forge memories that will last a lifetime. 


Dr. Izabella Orzelski, Art Representative.   








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